Internal Emails Say Glyphosate Found in Common Foods

For at least two years the FDA has been conducting tests on a variety of food samples searching for residue […]

Rosa Mexicano Settles Tip Sharing Lawsuit for $3.6 Million

In 2016, then-current and former workers filed a lawsuit against the national Mexican food chain over what they say were […]

Houston Neighborhoods Fighting Trash Heaps Months after Harvey

Trash is building up in neighborhoods as residents continue to repair and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey damage. The city has […]

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed Against General Gasket Corp and Honeywell

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a man who alleges he developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos […]

A Decade Later and Dangerous Airbags Are Still in Use

According to Honda, more than 60,000 vehicles still have deadly airbags in them. These defective airbags are what’s left of […]

Amtrak Employee Killed on Tracks Near Bowie, Maryland

An Amtrak train traveling the Northeast Corridor rail from Richmond, Virginia to South Station, Boston struck and killed an engineering […]

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