Defective Product Lawsuits

Sometimes even the most trusted brands make products that cause consumers to suffer serious injuries. But product makers have duty to ensure their products are safe when used as directed. When they fail this duty, they may be held liable for injuries their products cause.

Current Defective Product Investigations and Lawsuits

  • E-Cigarette Lawsuit – across the country, e-cig users are suffering severe injuries and even death from exploding vape devices. Injury reports include broken bones, facial burns and lacerations, finger amputations, and severe blunt force trauma injuries that have resulted in death.
  • Flint Water Crisis Lawsuit – dozens of lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Flint residents and their children against negligent officials that allowed families to consume toxic water contaminated with high levels of lead.
  • GM Truck Airbag Failure Lawsuit – certain GM trucks are being investigated for faulty airbags that do not deploy in front-end collisions putting drivers and their passengers at risk for severe injury or death.
  • Nissan Airbag Failure Lawsuit – certain models of Nissan vehicles have passenger-side airbags that may fail to deploy in a collision. More than 3 million Nissan vehicles have been recalled because of the safety failure which the company says is occurring because of a sensor malfunction.
  • Pool Pump Electrocutions Lawsuit – pool users with these defective pool pump motors are at risk for electrocution due to a grounding issue. Pool owners are urged to stop using any of the 16,000 motors involved in the recall.
  • Roundup Lawsuit – individuals who suffer particular types of cancer after exposure to Roundup herbicide, are questioning why the product was marketed as safe if they knew about the cancer risk, and why they were never warned about the dangers of exposure.
  • Syngenta Corn Lawsuit – countless U.S. farmers sustained billions of dollars in losses after suffering a drop in corn prices when China rejected corn crops of Syngenta genetically modified seeds.
  • Volkswagen Diesel Fraud Lawsuit – VW clean diesel vehicle buyers suffered financial damage after it was determined the automaker installed special software that cheated emissions tests.

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