Houston Neighborhoods Fighting Trash Heaps Months after Harvey

With property owners continuing to file Hurricane Harvey insurance claim lawsuits, trash is building up in neighborhoods as residents continue to repair and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey damage. The city has been receiving calls from customers who say they are following the rules for heavy trash pickup, but the city is just leaving it where it sits.

At the curbs of many of Houston’s residences remains massive amounts of reminders of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Mattresses, furniture, toilets and exercise equipment continue to pile up around the city as homeowners wait for waste management trucks to come and haul it all away.

The Solid Waste Management Department acknowledges it’s behind in picking up large items across the city and says it already has crews working six days a week. Normal trash pickup just started in April, and the city hasn’t been able to catch up. The department says that picking up the increase of waste and debris is slowing down their progress.

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Houston City Council approved plans to buy a $40 million fleet of new trucks as many of the city’s 600 trucks are broken down making it difficult to handle the sheer amount of waste.

Hundreds of Thousands of Insurance Damage Claims Filed After Harvey

More than 650,000 commercial and personal property damage insurance claims were filed with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, private insurance providers, and the Texas Fair Access to Insurance Requirement Plan – the FAIR Plan by late January 2018.

About 354,000 of those claims were filed by homeowners for property damage, with an additional 203,000 automobile damage claims. Commercial property owners filed about 37,000 claims. 66,000 flood claims were also filed.

Were Your Claims Denied, Delayed, or Underpaid?

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