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An Illinois widow has filed an Amiodarone lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of the estate of her deceased husband against Dr. Daniel L. Clark alleging wrongful death and negligence after the osteopathologist prescribed Amiodarone to her late husband.

The lawsuit says that Ronald Spino was a patient of Clark’s from 2010, when Clark treated Spino for heart arrhythmia with the drug Amiodarone until Spino’s death in 2014. The complaint alleges that the physician failed to monitor Spino for the serious side effects of Amiodarone and failed to treat Spino with a medication that has less toxic side effects. Because of these failures, the lawsuit alleges Spino died, leaving his widow to suffer the grief and loss of his companionship, affection, and love.

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $50,000 plus costs and fees, the Cook County Record reports.

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