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Over 34 class action lawsuits and numerous individual VW emissions lawsuits have been filed against the German automaker, Volkswagen, since it admitted to fraud and deceit in September 2015. Volkswagen executives admitted to inserting software in the vehicle’s system that allowed the engine to pass emissions tests even though the engine produced much more pollutants than allowed under the Clean Air Act.

Owners of the affected diesel vehicles are angry and frustrated — and rightfully so. They were deceived into believing they were purchase a high-performance, clean burning diesel vehicle. Instead, they paid more money for a vehicle that pollutes the air more than a standard gas engine does and will not perform with the same efficiency once the problem is resolved. Now one Texas city has added its name to the ever-growing list of plaintiffs suing Volkswagen.

Houston Files Lawsuit Against Volkswagen For Polluting Air

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Harris County in Texas has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen for $100 million. The lawsuit alleges that because of Volkswagen’s deliberate actions, its vehicles passed emission tests even though the vehicles were far from the legal limit. Due to the fraud perpetrated by Volkswagen, the city alleges the vehicles spewed dangerous chemicals into the air in and around Houston.

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Houston and Harris County struggle with poor air quality due to vehicular traffic and industrial emissions. The lawsuit alleges, “Volkswagen’s deceptive acts have undermined Harris County’s efforts to improve air quality, reach attainment status, and protect our citizens.” Houston has a serious problem with ozone in the city and Houston’s air is below national standards. Because of Volkswagen’s actions, the amount of nitrogen oxide has substantially increased it the city causing additional ozone and respiratory problems.

Will Other Cities and/or States Join in the Lawsuits Being Filed Against Volkswagen?

It is unclear if Houston will be the only city or entity to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen. This lawsuit may open doors for other potential plaintiffs to file a VW lawsuit even though they do not own one of the recalled vehicles. Attorneys for owners and other potential plaintiffs are still investigating the matter to determine the full extent of the damage caused by Volkswagen’s actions and the parties who may be potential plaintiffs in a VW lawsuit.

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