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Survivors of the Camp Fire wildfire near Paradise California have lost their entire town potentially due to the negligence and recklessness of Pacific Gas & Electric. Now, they are saying enough is enough and are holding the utility company liable for the suffering and loss they have been forced to endure, and we are helping.

Our team of attorneys and wildfire litigation experts has been in Butte County since the Camp Fire ignited and we are scoping damage and estimating rebuild and recovery costs for all affected communities.

PG&E has a high duty to public safety, and we are helping survivors hold it accountable for failing that duty. Our Wildfire Litigation Team is helping property owners, families, business owners, and individuals get the justice they deserve and the compensation they need to rebuild their lives, and we can help you too.

The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.

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PG&E and the Camp Fire

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Camp Fire quickly became the most devastating blaze in the history of the state and thousands of lives were changed forever the moment the conflagration ignited. But it may have been a completely preventable disaster. Investigations into the blaze show that just before ignition, an outage occurred on a 115kV power line just off Pulga Road in Butte County, suggesting PG&E equipment led to the Camp Fire.

An outage occurred on the Big Bend 12KV line which could be the ‘second start’ of the wildfire that roared to life just east of the Concow reservoir. Survivors are questioning why PG&E waited more than a week to inform regulators about the outage.

Survivors, families of those who perished in the blaze and property owners who lost their businesses, homes, farms, and ranches are working with our attorneys to ensure PG&E is held accountable for every safety failure that risked the lives of the customers.

PG&E Has a History of Negligence

Probes into the causes of the October 2017 Northern California wildfires found that PG&E violated state codes in 11 of 16 fires that involved the company. The cases are being criminally investigated by local district attorneys. All told, the wildfire killed 45 people, burned over 245,000 acres, and destroyed 8800 structures leaving PG&E with $2.5 billion in fire-related damage costs.

PG&E’s role in the North Bay Fires

The number of lives that were changed forever due to the utility company’s failure to maintain infrastructure across Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Humboldt, and Butte Counties is immeasurable. PG&E’s failure to maintain its infrastructure has destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres, thousands of structures, and taken hundreds of lives, including in: 

  • Mendocino County – Redwood Fires started in separate locations when trees/limbs fell onto PG&E power lines leading to nine deaths, 543 structures destroyed, and 36,523 acres burned.
  • Sonoma and Napa Counties – these fires burned nearly 57,000 acres, caused three deaths, and destroyed 1,355 structures. All but Nuns were referred for criminal investigation.
    • Adobe Fire started when a tree fell into power lines
    • Norrbom Fire started by a tree falling into power lines
    • Nuns Fire started when a broken tree top fell into power lines
    • Partrick Fire started when a tree fell into power lines
    • Pythian Fire started when PG&E tried to re-energize a downed power line
  • Napa County – Atlas Fire – referred for criminal investigation – started in gusty winds and led to six deaths, more than 51,000 burned acres, and 783 damaged or destroyed structures – referred for criminal investigation.
  • Lake County – Sulphur Fire ignited after a PG&E power pole failed and powerlines and equipment fell to the ground.
  • Sonoma County – Pocket Fire – referred for criminal investigation – started in gusty winds and resulted in 17,357 acres burned and six structures destroyed.
  • Highway 37 fire was sparked by PG&E distribution lines resulting in the destruction of three structures and 1,660 burned acres.
  • Humboldt County – Blue Fire sparked when a powerline conductor separated and fell to the ground leading to 20 acres being burned.
  • Butte County – Cherokee Fire was caused by tree limbs making contact with power lines resulting in 8,417 acres burned and six structures destroyed.
  • Napa, Sonoma, Lake Counties – Tubbs Fire resulted in more than 36,800 acres being burned, over 4,000 homes destroyed and the deaths of 22 people. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

PG&E is currently on probation for its role in the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion that resulted in the deaths of eight people and caused injury to nearly 60 more. The federal judge overseeing the company’s probation demanded to know if reckless operations or maintenance caused Camp Fire or other wildfire in direct violation of PG&E’s probation.

Do You Have a lawsuit?

Anyone in Butte County who sustained serious injury, lost a family member or loved one, or lost their home, business, or personal property in the Camp Fire may qualify to seek financial recovery of losses through a wildfire negligence lawsuit.

We are filing individual lawsuits on behalf of all survivors of the Camp Fire. We are not currently filing class action lawsuits where settlement and award funds are shared between a class of members, we are filing lawsuits individually so that your award or settlement funds is yours, instead of being shared with other survivors, so you can start rebuilding your life, your home, or your business.

We also don’t charge Camp Fire survivors for taking their case, so there are no up-front costs that you have to pay to seek justice. Our firm takes the risks, so you don’t have to. We collect a fee only if you win your case. If you don’t win, we don’t get paid.

We Are Helping Camp Fire Survivors

We are fierce advocates for victims of wildfire disasters, and we will use every legal measure to ensure your rights are protected and that you get the most compensation available for your injuries and losses. If you suffered serious physical injury or if your loved one or family member lost their lives, we can help. If your home, business, or property was damaged or destroyed in the Camp Fire, you have rights, and we defend those rights and make sure you get justice. Our wildfire litigation team is helping wildfire survivors hold PG&E accountable for its failures, including its:

  • Failure to maintain infrastructure;
  • Failure to properly inspect and maintain its equipment;
  • Failure to shut off power during a high-risk period, and;
  • Failure to maintain trees and vegetation along power lines.

Powerful utility companies have teams of corporate attorneys who do nothing but protect the interests of the company. This is where we come in. We know how to level the playing field. We have decades of experience resolving litigation against some of the largest and most powerful corporations on the globe, and we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve and to force PG&E to increase public safety measures to reduce devastating wildfire disasters.

Across the area, survivors are using our attorneys to amplify their voices and demand justice. These survivors want fully compensated for damages including for:

  • Current and future expected medical bills;
  • Evacuation costs and temporary living expenses;
  • Full costs of all damaged and destroyed personal possessions and belongings;
  • Funeral and burial costs for those who lost their lives;
  • Insurance damage claim deductibles;
  • Lost wages or missed income due to the fire;
  • Rebuild costs for all homes and businesses damaged or destroyed in the Camp Fire.

Our Wildfire Litigation Team is fighting to ensure our clients get the maximum compensation available possible for your Camp Fire injuries and damages. We are gathering evidence, testimony, and expert witnesses for litigation, we are calling out any insurance provider that tries to take advantage of wildfire survivors.

We aren’t waiting for someone else to figure out how the fire started, our fire investigators have been working since the fire first started. Our insurance claims specialists are analyzing the insurance policies of Camp Fire survivors to determine how their policies can be best used to maximise your recovery.

We have construction experts that are scoping damage and working with our appraisers and insurance experts to determine the full costs of rebuilding and replacing homes, businesses and private property.

We are laser-focused on finding the truth and holding the responsible parties liable. We have a full team of wildfire litigation attorneys, specialists, and experts working around the clock. If you are a Camp Fire survivor who suffered injury, lost a family member or loved one, or if your home, business or personal property was damaged or destroyed, contact us today.

We can help you fight for your communities and ensure PG&E is held accountable for damages. Our team members are fierce litigators and skilled negotiators, and we use every legal measure available to secure justice for our clients and ensure they receive the absolute maximum compensation available for their losses. Together, we can recover from the devastating Camp Fire and force PG&E to change policies and behaviors that put the lives of the public at risk. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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