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If you suffered property damage from Hurricane Florence, you need your insurance provider to come through for you as quickly as possible and pay you the full amount of compensation that your policy provides. Unfortunately, property owners across the Carolina’s have found that some insurance providers are delaying, flat-out denying, or severely underpaying hurricane damage claims. When this happens, these property owners may be forced to carry the financial burden of recovery and repair without the help of the insurance policies they had been paying for. This isn’t fair, and we don’t let insurance providers get away with these types of schemes.

Insurance companies know that you have the right to be treated and paid fairly, but some of them may make the claims process so difficult and frustrating that you may be willing to take less than the full amount or give up on your damage claim completely. Some are even pressuring property owners to make repairs instead of replacing damaged materials even when the policy covers replacement.

If you are being mistreated or taken advantage of by your insurance provider, contact us today. We fight for property owners and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the damage and loss you’ve sustained.

The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.

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Multiple Damage Claims? We Can Help

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Property owners damaged by Hurricane Florence may need to file separate claims with different insurance providers. For instance, your flood insurance policy and homeowner’s insurance policy cover different damage types but trying to determine what damage was caused by rising waters and what was caused by torrential rains and high winds can be very difficult. We can help you determine how to file the proper claims for each damage type to ensure you get maximum best use from each of your policies.

Torrential downpours, storm surge, and flood waters can cause extremely costly damage to property owners. While you work on cleaning up and dealing with water and mold remediation services, insurance adjusters, and repair contractors, you will also be taking pictures of the damage, making lists of personal property losses, and filing damage claims. And if you don’t file these claims properly, your insurance provider may reject your claim even though the likelihood of mistakes or errors is high with new claims filers.

For instance, the inside of your home may have sustained serious water damage. Your wind insurance policy might cover this damage if it was caused by rains blowing in from a hole in the roof. But this policy will not cover damage caused by rising waters; you would need flood insurance for that. Because of the complexities of water damage, these can be the most difficult claims to file successfully.

Your insurance policy may cover wind damage from Hurricane Florence, if so, your insurer is required to explain if you pay a separate deductible for hurricane, named storm, or high wind damage, and they should detail which event would trigger the deductible.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Your insurance adjuster will need to evaluate the damage on your property. Before you start to clean up, take pictures and videos of everything. While you can haul damaged and ruined materials and furniture from the house or business, do not let it be hauled away until after the adjuster’s visit. Also, any repairs that need to be made to prevent further damage must be temporary, such as tarping holes in the roof and boarding up windows. Do not make permanent repairs until you are cleared to do so.

Be sure to track communications with your insurance provider, especially non-written communications. If you speak with someone on the phone, be sure to write down their name as well as the date and time of the call and what was discussed.

While waiting for the adjuster, you can begin building an inventory list of all damaged and destroyed items. If you know or can closely estimate the costs of these items be sure to include these estimates on the list also.

Insurance Damage Claims, Time Limits, and Deadlines

There are strict timelines and deadlines for filing hurricane damage claims with your insurance provider. If you fail to file your claim within the established time limits, your claim will be rejected, and you will not receive your coverage payouts. Sometimes these time limits are not clearly defined. For example, many insurance policies have a clause that requires you to provide prompt notice of damage. Because these types of clauses can be interpreted differently, notifying your insurer in writing as soon as you know your property has been damaged is your safest bet.

And don’t worry about filing too early. As soon as you are aware that your property was damaged, you should notify your insurer, even if you aren’t sure your policy covers the damage. It is better to file early than it is to risk your claim being rejected because you waited too long to file. You can review your policy and start assessing the damage while you wait for the insurance adjuster to contact you.

Be aware – the deadlines for filing claims through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are different than the time limits for other types of insurance and the claims process may vary also. For example, during the 2017 hurricanes, the NFIP established a Catastrophic Event Enhanced Claims Process that allowed property owners to receive up to $20,000 in flood damage losses even before the adjuster inspected their property by submitting photos or videos of the damage.

You must submit you damage claims before any time limits expire, whether you are filing with a government program or your insurance provider and be aware that different damage claims may have different deadlines.

Also, keep in mind that if your claim is denied, there is also a time limit on how long you have to file an appeal. Sometimes appeal deadlines can be very short. For example, if you filed a claim with FEMA that was rejected, your appeal will need to be filed within 60 days of receiving the denial. We can help you review your insurance policies and determine filing and appeal deadlines.

Contact Us Now for Help with Your Hurricane Florence Damage Claims

The sad truth is, some insurance providers are more worried about protecting themselves than they are about how you recover from the storm. But your recovery is our greatest concern. We know that storm victims need to start repairing and rebuilding as quickly as possible and that some insurance providers may be standing in the way.

Contact us today if your insurance provider has:

  • Denied your legitimate claim
  • Needlessly delayed your claim
  • Underpaid your damage claim
  • Pressured you to repair damage instead of replacing with new
  • Delayed the process by requesting unnecessary documents or information

We have been helping property owners protect their rights for decades, and we know that some insurance providers will do whatever they can to avoid heft policy payouts. But insurance companies are in the business of disasters, and while some of them use any loophole they can find to delay and deny claims, we know insurance law, and we don’t let them get away with claim games.

Contact us today and learn more about our strategies, including how we evaluate your insurance policies, so you know exactly what is covered in your contract, and we know how we can maximum best use of those policies. We scope the damage your residential or business property sustained and work with experts to determine whether your damage was caused by rising waters, torrential rains, or high winds, so you know how your claim should be filed and compensated. We work with specialists in weather-related disasters to determine how much it will cost to repair and replace your damage, and we advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Our skilled negotiators will work to ensure you get the maximum compensation available for your property damage, and if necessary we will fiercely litigate your case in court using every legal measure available to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Why We Do It

We represent owners of property that was damaged in Hurricane Florence and the resulting floods. We have been successfully protecting the rights of property owners across the country for decades, making sure their claims are handled fairly and that they receive the damage payouts they need.

We know that getting your business open and getting back into your home are some of the most important things in your life right now because we too have been affected by hurricanes and severe flooding. We know that being displaced is difficult and frustrating and that you need your insurance provider to treat you fairly and to pay you fairly, so you can get back to your normal life.

We represent property owners who suffered severe damages in Hurricane Florence and whose damage claims were unfairly denied, delayed, or underpaid and we want to help you too. We are ardent negotiators and fierce litigators, and we won’t stop fighting for you until you get the compensation you deserve.

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