Have You Received an Attune Knee System Implant?

Some patients who received the DePuy Attune Knee System are alleging the device was defectively designed and puts patients at risk for injury. Other patients are concerned by the allegations and want to know more about what’s going on. Here, we answer some of the most common question we have received regarding the knee replacement device including information about a Attune knee replacement lawsuit settlement.

Question: What are patients alleging about the Attune Knee?

Answer: Some patients have had bad experiences with the device. They say they suffered device malfunctions and premature failures that have forced them to have additional surgeries to repair damage and replace the device. Some of these patients had to have revision surgery not long after they fully recovered from the initial implant surgery. Sadly, these revision surgeries come with risks, and they are often more complex and involved than the operation to have the knee implanted. Even worse are the reports that some patients have had to have multiple revision surgeries on the same knee.

Question: Is there some way that patients can protect themselves?

Answer: If you are considering a knee replacement, do your research and see if the FDA has received adverse event and complication reports or if a recall has been issued for the product. Read clinical studies involving the device and talk to friends and neighbors to see what device they may have received and if they are satisfied. Then talk to your physician about what you find out.

If your knee has already been replaced with an Attune knee, you need to be aware of the signs that the device may have loosened or disbanded. These signs include pain, stiffness, or weakness that allows the joint to move backwards or to the side when you stand on it, as well as inflammation of the joint. If you notice any of these symptoms or if you have another issue, see your physician as soon as you can and have the joint assessed.

Question: What can I do if my knee implant prematurely malfunctions or breaks?

Answer: Some patients might be entitled to seek compensation for Attune knee malfunctions and premature failures, but they should talk to an experienced defective device attorney. Patients who were injured, or who had to have one or more additional, unplanned surgeries to replace the device that prematurely failed, may be entitled to hold DePuy liable.

Question: How much in compensation could I get?

Answer: Damages for Attune knee failures could include past and future expected medical costs, time off work and missed wages, any expenses incurred due to physical therapy or rehabilitation, and more. The damages a patient is eligible for depends on their individual circumstances and losses. You can contact us seven days a week to learn more including how much compensation you may be entitled to.

If you or a patient you love received an Attune Knee System implant only to have it fail prematurely forcing you to undergo at least one risky revision surgery, contact us today to learn whether you are eligible to seek significant compensation.

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