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A $200-million class action IVC filter lawsuit has been filed in Canada against Cook Medical alleging the company failed to warn patients and their physicians about the potential risks associated with the inferior vena cava filter, including that the filter can break apart, migrate to other areas of the body and cause serious injury. The filter recipient, Wendy Kopeck said she is worried that the filter is a “ticking time bomb” that could kill her.

In her suit, Kopeck said that physicians found that the device had fragmented, with one piece piercing her jugular vein while the rest of the device is moving into her small intestines. Her complaint says that doctors feel it is too risky to attempt to remove the fragments, and told her she will have to be on blood-thinner medication for the rest of her life.

A class action filed in February by Arie Kuiper against Cook Medical seeks $20 million in damages plus $500,000 for every patient implanted with the device. In the lawsuit, Kuiper said that physicians have tried twice to remove the filter, but were unsuccessful. He is scheduled to undergo a third removal attempt, however it is unlikely that the device will be able to be extracted.

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