A Decade Later and Dangerous Airbags Are Still in Use

As consumers continue to reel from Nissan airbag failure lawsuit litigation, more than 60,000 Honda vehicles still have deadly airbags in them. These defective airbags are what’s left of the largest motor vehicle safety recall in history. The recall involved nearly 40 million vehicles from 19 different manufacturers equipped with airbags that explode and spray shrapnel. At least 22 people have been killed worldwide by the defective airbags and hundreds more suffered permanent injury when they exploded.

The most dangerous airbags are Alphas, driver-side airbags installed in Hondas that have a 50 percent chance of exploding in an impact, even a low-speed impact such as a fender-bender. Yet, more than 62,000 vehicles equipped with Alphas are still on the road. Many of them older-model cars that have been sold and resold, owned by people who ignored the recall warnings or simply never received any.

Most everyone has heard about the massive Takata airbag recall but recall completion rates are still not where they should be, and millions of those who did respond to the recall are still waiting for replacements.

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Humidity Affected Airbag Inflators

Over time, Takata airbag inflators degrade as they are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and humidity. But the Alpha inflaters were subjected to high humidity levels at the factory, even before they were installed in the motor vehicles. Alphas were installed in over a million vehicles and are at the root of 11 of the 15 deaths that have been linked to defective inflators.

Takata airbags are made with the chemical ammonium nitrate, a typically stable tetrazole that can become unstable when exposed to moisture. Takata said the propellant had been exposed to humidity during a prolonged assembly line shutdown. Some are calling for a full outright ban on the use of ammonium nitrate in airbags.

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