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CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (March 24, 2016) – Prior to today’s San Francisco status conference in front of US District Judge Charles Breyer, where VW has been directed to provide an update on the ‘fix’ for all of its customers who unknowingly bought VW’s ‘dirty vehicles’, Bob Hilliard, who represents over 9k owners demands VW buy back his client’s vehicles or face thousands of VW emissions lawsuits. Hilliard states, “All of my clients are fed up with VW. This level of deceit and betrayal makes this car company a pariah to American customers who hope never to have a VW vehicle darken their garage again.”

“There will be no ‘fix’ that will be acceptable. For my clients, this is a total betrayal of trust resulting in a permanent stigma to all things Volkswagen. VW intentionally lied, took my clients money and then covered up its own criminal conduct. Unfortunately, a story as old as time with greedy car companies.”

“VW owes each owner 3 times the full purchase price plus additional amounts to make their customers whole and allow them to forever put VW in their rear view mirror.”

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Hilliard has begun to file lawsuits against VW on behalf of customers cheated by the German company. “Under almost all States’ consumer protection statutes, VW will ultimately be ordered by a jury to pay each customer full damages as a result of this criminal and knowing conduct, which includes 3 times the full purchase price, plus all costs.”

“Should VW, as a company, even be able to survive this embarrassing and shameful betrayal, it will do so only after it pays tens of billions of dollars in damages.”

“The longer VW drags its feet and refuses to step up and to do what it must, the more likely it is that bankruptcy is its only viable option.”

HMG is actively seeking to represent other victims of VW’s ‘dirty vehicles’. Fill out the form on this page for a free, confidential case evaluation.

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